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We offer intensive treatment for adoptive families that have children who have been diagnosed with: Reactive Attachment Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Op-positional Defiant Disorder, behavior and attention problems and Developmental Trauma. Our two week intensive provides healing for children AND parents so that an environment can be created in the home that promotes respect and attachment.  While the child gets some respect training with our therapeutic respite provider, the parents receive practical tools to use for their own healing of their tired hearts and get a well-deserved break.

  • Two-Week Intensive Therapy for adoptive families experiencing attachment issues, behavioral problems and power struggles.
  • One or Two Week Intensive Therapy for adults experiencing attachment pain and relationship difficulties.
  • Neurological Reorganization Evaluation and Program Implementation. This neurological evaluation/assessment provides the client with a drug free, in-home program that reorganizes the traumatized brain through developmental movement, sensory and reflexive activities.

A neurological reorganization evaluation can be included during the two week intensive but is also available by separate appointment. Neurological Reorganization is a movement based, drug-free approach to addressing the challenges of a disorganized or injured brain. It’s various sensory-motor and neuro-developmental activities enhance the attachment healing process.

Continuity and momentum created during our intensive treatment is the foundation for restoring trust in relationships.

During your two weeks, you and your child will be wrapped in an environment that will provide the best potential for the whole family’s healing. At Beatitude House the Holy Spirit is called upon to empower the family in embracing their pain and fear. This includes a spectrum of therapies, community practice, training and implementation of new parenting approaches, along with daily feedback. You will spend time in therapy, practicing in the community, and time with the therapeutic parent specialist.

canstockphoto2965044The two weeks of intensive therapy brings healing to families who can be devastated by children that experience trauma or loss in the first three years of life. The result of this trauma is difficulties with trust, love and respect — the three essential elements of relationship. Attachment disorder destroys a family’s hopes and dreams when fear, sadness and anger are the daily emotions.


These adoptive parents have graciously given permission for people to call them to in order to hear about their family’s experience during a two week attachment intensive:

Eldred and Sue – WI  (262) –914-4636

Gerritt and Deb – IL   ( 765)- 427-4281

Greg and Mary – MO  (636) – 485-6407  or (636) – 485 – 5435

Please call us for a free phone consultation, about our treatment approach/ protocol in order to determine if we can meet your family’s needs.