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When Beatitude House was in its planning phase we had many share with us why we should become a 501c3 charitable organization. So people can help others by contributing, not only with their prayers, but with their financial and in-kind donations.  We set up a scholarship fund just for that reason. You can now earmark it for certain individuals or families so they can get the specified help they need.

We hope to continue to help these families and individuals with reduced fees. There are many ways you can support Beatitude House.  You can directly mail your tax deductible donation to us or we can email you a donation request. This will allow you to use an e-check  from your bank into Beatitude House Scholarship fund account. You can also use your credit card and go through our paypal account that is only for donations to the scholarship fund.

If you wish to send us a donation, feel free to do so through Paypal.


Shop. Earn. Change the world.

How you can make a difference for Beatitude House.

Cash Back

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Beatitude House
Join Giving Assistant now to shop, save, and support Beatitude House. Easily donate 3-30% of purchases from stores like Lowe’s (4%), Joann (2%), and Aliexpress (6%).

Another  way to donate is through online shopping at Amazon Smile. We are registered along with many other charitable organizations all you need to do is set up your account stating you want Amazon to donate a portion of your purchase  to Beatitude House- Waynesville, NC (There are 2 other Beatitude House listings).

You shop. Amazon gives!

  • One time gift $______
  • Monthly support $______
  • One day intensive therapy ($700)
  • Therapeutic respite ($170 per day)
  • Therapeutic teddy bear  ($24)
  • Educational Books and materials ($54)

In- kind donations are also a way to give goods that will help Beatitude House indirectly help others; such as office supplies.

Being part of an intercessory prayer team is very much a support to the families and individuals we work with. When they feel others care and concern they don’t feel so alone in this hard journey.