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Isolation:  A painful and difficult problem

Isolation is one of the most painful and difficult problems related to raising a child with ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) or RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). Since many of these children confine their angry outbursts and disrespectful spewing to their adoptive Continue reading

Dad’s play many important roles in helping their adoptive families heal.  The most important role dad’s play in the adoptive family is to support his wife in the strenuous job of being the primary attachment figure.  One of Continue reading

When adoptive parents come to our attachment center it is for good reasons that they are eager for their child to have a healed heart along with changed attitudes and behaviors.  The youngsters fear from being mistreated drives a Continue reading

I know that a lot of adopted kids grow up in families with minimal strife and conflict.  They are able to view their parents as safe, able to receive good things from them and consequently treat them with love Continue reading