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Attachment Therapy

ATTACHMENT TREATMENT AND TRAUMA RECOVERY is typically offered at Beatitude House in a two week long intensive format. Half of the 10 days are full days and half just go from 9-12 approximately. The momentum and continuity which can be built by meeting this way are significant. Too often the gains from a 45 minute therapy session are soon lost to and absorbed by busy life. When folks can unplug and settle their hearts into a pace conducive for healing, deeper connecting with others can occur. The adopted children cannot receive their parents love because trust was broken in the early formative years including the all-important in utero experience. The child’s need for healing is obvious but the parent’s love being rejected is a shattered dream in need of deep healing as well. As the parent’s hearts heal they can better implement the specialized attachment parenting we teach them. One of the treatment tools we utilize is called the first year of life attachment cycle. This powerful process describes the vital importance of infancy needs and what occurs when they go unmet. The child gets to see that because they didn’t feel safe and get their needs met as a baby they have turned the feelings they have about the abusive parents towards the adoptive parents. Once the child understands their misplaced anger based on fear their healing begins.


A Neurological Reorganization evaluation also provides an important additional healing resource.

Early Developmental Trauma

Developmental trauma can occur in utero or the first few years of life. When there is any interruption, injury or disruption to the developmental sequence, a functional deficit will result.

There are many forms of neurodevelopmental trauma. Emotional stress to the mother can cause trauma to the baby’s developing brain. Drug and alcohol abuse also can severely affect all of the pre-cortical parts of the brain and the corpus callosum. For some, it may only have a small impact on their life, but to many, major lifelong struggles with emotional, behavioral, and academic problems exist.

Separation from the birth mother and/or having multiple care-givers, plus emotional, physical and sexual abuse has a devastating affect that creates attachment disorder or major relational/attachment issues.

One injury to the developing brain that no one seems to reaalize is the lack of movement! Modern conveniences such as car seats, walkers, exersaucers, have created a large population of children with many issues or disorders that have a neurological basis.

If you have a child or know of an adult that has difficulties with emotional, behavioral or academic problems such as learning disabilities, dyslexia, impulsiveness, anger management, rages, trust issues, or sensory/auditory processing issues or have been diagnosed with Autism, ADD/ADHD or Reactive Attachment Disorder, or have suffered a stroke, a neurological functional exam may be the key that opens the door to a new life for them.