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Adult Trauma Recovery

Adult Trauma Recovery is the one week intensive course of treatment at Beatitude House.  Adults from all across the country leave their busy lives behind, unplug and let the Lord heal their hearts.  Based upon availability these folks stay in luxury cabins nearby at no cost.  The folks who run the camp ask for you to prayerfully consider a love offering when you leave.  It is a breathtaking setting within watermelon seed spitting distance of the Smoky Mountain National Park!

None of us had perfect parents growing up so it’s true that everyone of us had at the very least disappointments and moments where we felt alone, afraid or ashamed.  Sadly for many outright abuse and neglect occurred and has left deep and long lasting scars and effects.  When close  relationships are not going well and we find we are walling our hearts off from others the source is usually in childhood although not always.  Maturity in life and relationships comes as we practice returning to JOY from painful emotions such as fear, shame, sadness, anger, disgust and hopeless despair.  When your ability to return to joy from these emotional states is week; relationships suffer and life is a struggle.

Connecting with the heart allows us to know what hurts lie there buried from the recent or distant past.  These places in our hearts or memories from our past need healing and since Jesus loves us we can use His love to heal our own hearts. Once these hurts are acknowledged and a partnership is established with the hurt part instead of an adversarial, condemning relationship freedom follows.  Love does a much better job of helping hurt parts than beating ourselves up or blaming others.  If love is to be what Jesus tells us then why not spread some around in our own damaged hearts?

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