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A Parental Antidote

A parental antidote for childhood entitlement

This brief Q & A comes out of the Cline/Faye Institute where Foster Cline and Jim and Charles Faye offer    a parental antidote for childhood entitlement.

Q:  Who becomes a model for kids?

A:  A person (adult) they see as both strong and loving at the same time.

Q:  Once a child accepts an adult as a model, how does the child see his/her own position or role?

A:  As a child, student and a follower who should listen to the adult.

Q: What happens to the adult’s role if the children can hook him/her into debates or arguments about and boundaries?

A:  Their role changes to that of equals.  It is no longer an adult /child relationship.

Q:  If that happens, what happens to the adult’s role as a model?

A:  It loses it’s effectiveness.

Q:  Does the child now feel a strong need to listen to that adult?

A:  No

Children whose parents treat them as equals do not feel safe.  Since they do not have strong models to follow they direct themselves which leads to selfishness and entitlement.  Children who have parents that permit arguments or debates conclude they have nothing to learn from the parent.  Sadly the people they will be drawn to learn from are their media idols or thrill seekers. Instead of taking a chance on who your child may be drawn to for their role model, why not try a parental antidote for childhood entitlement.  Be an adult that they see as both strong and loving !!

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