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Intensive Treatment for Trauma Recovery

Safe and Effective Attachment Therapy
for Adoptive Families and Adults

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Beatitude House

We provide families safe and effective Christian attachment therapy and trauma recovery derived from a systemic perspective involving assessment and interventions in the spiritual, emotional, and relational realms. The family is considered an integral part of the treatment team and all decisions about treatment take into account their needs, opinions and most of all, safety. 

Our treatment is never coercive. The goal of treatment is to facilitate positive relationship changes in the individuals and family.The Beatitude House philosophy of treatment is anchored in the knowledge, belief and experience that our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of healing and truth and that we are His instruments.

We're on the move!

We’ve left our permanent residence in North Carolina and are on the move! We are now criss-crossing the country in our RV 'Tessa'! Our newfound mobility will allow us more flexibility to meet families where they are. As well as collaborate with our ministry partners more effectively.

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Attachment Therapy for adoptive families experiencing attachment issues, behavioral problems and power struggles. 

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         Trauma Recovery for adults/couple experiencing attachment pain and relationship difficulties.

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Neurological Reorganization Evaluation and Program Implementation.  This neurological brain based assessment provides the client with a drug free, in-home program that reorganizes the traumatized brain through developmental movement.

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Parent Support/ coaching via Skype Sessions

Skype Sessions available by appointment for individuals, couples, and families.  We work nationwide and globally.

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