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We are located near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park
in beautiful Western North Carolina.

Beatitude House Attachment Center was established
in 2001 as a place where hope and healing can occur.

Beatitude House Attachment Center is a Christian
counseling ministry specializing in: Attachment
Therapy, Neurological Reorganization, and
Trauma Recovery through Inner Healing Prayer.

Neurological Reorganization is a movement based, drug-free approach
to addressing the challenges of a disorganized or injured brain.
It’s various sensory-motor and neurodevelopmental activities
enhance the attachment healing process.

The two week attachment intensive provides healing for individuals,
couples and adoptive families. Continuity and momentum created during
our intensive treatment is the foundation for restoring trust in relationships.


Treatment Approach

We provide families safe and effective Christian attachment therapy and trauma recovery derived from a systemic perspective involving assessment and interventions in the spiritual, emotional, and relational realms. The family is considered an integral part of the treatment team and all decisions about treatment take into account their needs, opinions and most of all, safety. Our treatment is never coercive. The goal of treatment is to facilitate positive relationship changes in the individuals and family.

The Beatitude House philosophy of treatment is anchored in the knowledge, belief and experience that our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of healing and truth and that we are His instruments.

Please call (828) 926-5591, or email us through our Contact Page for a free phone consultation, about our treatment approach/ protocol in order to determine if we can meet your family’s needs.

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